Ep. 176 Heather Monahan – Becoming Your Own Boss and Creating Confidence


Lance and listeners are welcomed by a fellow podcast host, best selling author of the book, “Confidence Creator,”  keynote speaker, and founder of Boss In Heels, Heather Monahan. Heather has been hustling hard in this industry and has made a massive name for herself. Listeners hear Heather’s upbringing, her struggles and stories of corporate America, staying true to your inner voice,  the journey of becoming a podcast host, and what it takes to become a successful speaker. Stay tuned as Heather reveals the behind the scenes feelings she experienced when presenting her speech at TEDx, and how it was one of the most difficult talks she had ever done.



Heather Mohanan answers with, “Take a leap of faith and take a chance on you. You are either creating confidence or chipping away at it.”



  • [00:04:46] Heather’s Background
  • [00:08:08] Corporate America Struggles
  • [00:15:05] Listening To Your Inner Voice
  • [00:31:23] TEDx Talk Experience
  • [00:43:07] Heather’s Podcasting Journey



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  3. Listen to Heather’s TEDx Talk here
  4. Grab yourself a copy of Heather’s book, “Confidence Creator” here
  5. Tune into Heather’s podcast, “Creating Confidence” here


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