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Joey Yak, Episode 180 University of Adversity Podcast

Ep. 180 Joey Yak – Turning Your Message Into A Melody

March 27, 2020

What’s up UofA fans? Joining us today, we have a one of a kind guest. Creative consultant, musical artist, custom theme music creator, founder and CEO of ROC (Recycling Old Content) media, and the individual behind our UOFA intro theme music, Joey Yak. Growing up with music as his passion, Joey’s father had met with…

Jenn Taylor, Episode 179 University of Adversity Podcast

Ep. 179 Jenn Taylor – Courageously Overcoming Adversity

March 25, 2020

In today’s incredible episode, Lance talks with Mom of 18 & The Naked Podcaster, Jenn Taylor. Overcoming some painful adversities in her life, Jenn grew up in an abusive & addiction riddled home. In this episode you will discover Jenn’s life changing journey. From a grade 3 teacher inspiring her of her worth, a survivor…

Frank King, Episode 178 University of Adversity Podcast

Ep. 178 Frank King – Comedy and Mental Illness, Inspiring Audiences to Heal

March 23, 2020

According to Canadian statistics, there are approximately 4,000 suicides per year in Canada. As society evolves and changes, so do our responses to mental health. Today’s featured guest, Lance and listeners are joined by mental health comedian, public speaker, keynote speaker, TED X speaker, trainer on emotional health, Frank King. Open and vulnerable, Frank is…

Noah St. John, University of Adversity Podcast

Ep. 177 Noah St. John – Affirmations & Getting Rid of Head Trash

March 20, 2020

Joining Lance today, is Founder of the Afformations® Method, #1 Bestselling Author & Legendary Business Coach, Noah St. John. Being one of the most recognized and sought after business & motivational speakers, Noah is also the most requested marketing consultant in the world. He is the only author in history to have works published by…

Heather Monahan, Episode on University of Adversity Podcast

Ep. 176 Heather Monahan – Becoming Your Own Boss and Creating Confidence

March 19, 2020

  Lance and listeners are welcomed by a fellow podcast host, best selling author of the book, “Confidence Creator,”  keynote speaker, and founder of Boss In Heels, Heather Monahan. Heather has been hustling hard in this industry and has made a massive name for herself. Listeners hear Heather’s upbringing, her struggles and stories of corporate…

Ep. 175 Sean Douglas – Surviving Life’s Journey

March 16, 2020


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